Swim Clinic – Feb 18, 2018

By: C.Lewis

Including a swim focus in your fall/winter training with increased time in the water will improve your feel for the water, and your body position in the water, ultimately improving your swim technique.  Add a few drills specific to your weaknesses and you’ll be in a way better place come the racing season!  Working on your technique is important during this focused time so that you are swimming with good biomechanics that will optimize  your efficiency – and also reduce your injury risk.

The CLPT Swim Clinic is being offered to ensure you are making every swim session count.

Improve your triathlon swimming by improving your technique!

Identify ways you can improve your efficiency in the water, so you can swim faster with the same amount (or less!) energy, get a faster swim time, and come out of the water with more energy available to put into your bike and run!

This will be a one hour clinic in the water where CLPT coach’s will be on deck with athletes guiding them through various drill and workout sets to identify how they can improve their swim stroke to become more efficient – and faster!


$50.00+HST for CLPT Athletes

$55.00+HST for non-CLPT Athletes

Where and When:

Sunday February 18th , 2018 from 11am-12pm

Glendon College Athletic Club, 2275 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON

Register by emailing cindy@clperformancetraining.com

Maximum 15 participants.

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